MBT shoes

mbtwalkingThe smallest amount of difference in these shoes now being made, would make Mr. Muller not proud. I so wished he kept his hand in this product he discovered and not sold out. Or, I wish that they same company who made them in Vietnam, was still being used. They fit me perfectly then for 2 plus years the four pair I bought. Buyer beware of possible gait issues as you wear the new models.Why called MBT anti-shoe.As far as you know,anti means many functinon excpet wearing.MBT shoes can also improve your walking gait and can help you tone and shape your body. However, do not call MBT footwear shoes the company prefers to refer to them as`anti-shoes`At the beginning, as long as you feel comfortable, you can always wear MBT Walking shoes. Once feel muscle tight even should pain ,you shuold take off for a period of time. Soon, you can wear MBT day. Basically, want to follow a simple principles: listen to your body feeling.


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